Monday, 10 May 2021

Illegal Immigrants In Calais

Illegal Immigrants In Calais
Many come from war-torn countries trying to get to the Europe. Some want to get to the UK via Calais France. Since the Arab Rising started its became a steady stream of asylum seekers. Organised crime saw an opportunity. The Mixed Mafias took over the people smuggling business.
For years and years now it's the same story on repeat: one way is blocked and another appears. Smugglers just keep outsmarting security. A growing obstacle course on the border made crossing alone impossible for migrants. The Mafias who studied the controls and found ways around them, knowing what desperate people would pay for these ways. It's a kind of slavery. Poor refugees work as house servants for smugglers; women sell their bodies; others are made to be lookouts or drivers, and can then be arrested and thrown in jail. But they do it because it is their best chance at a safe life. That is all refugees want: peace. They are tired." That's when the Mafias come in to ruin their lives! Stop All Wars! Keep'emPeeled.

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told. 

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