Monday, 4 May 2020

The Pandemic 2 April 16 Trust Me I’m A Scientist.

The Pandemic 2 April 16 Trust Me I'm A Scientist.

5/5/20 Nowadays it's All about Back To Normally? I don't think so? 1st, how they gonna put money into people's pockets that need it bad? The Pandemic destroyer of Global economic systems! The China let the virus out? Maybe they should pay for our losses? They will Not! Be structured with Ur thoughts. Send ur old folks safe. Gloves l.
Love ur close ones . Keep'emPeeled

After The Lockdown? :
Gloves must be worn when outside. Wash on return. The Elderly must wear masks if going out or/to meeting family. People must stay apart. No more 'm:hugging, kissing, shaking gloveless hands et al; that means; treat all things this way because with Covid-19 you get The "Magic Touch" syndrome for real. If something touches something then it gets something from it? Ok? Well that works in the case of Covid-19. So, stay apart a bit when meeting with others.

Dreaming of his gf, way into the lockdown l. He hadn't saw her 4 3 weeks he recorded a video 4 her-"I will search 4 until the end, my love , come wants may. " Said the idiot. put in a fever monitor into their security cctv, making it easy to spot Covid-19 virus & therefore get the worker into isolation fast! No stopping The!

South Korea / Germany-random testing =less lockdown
China 1st case 17 November 2019
Jan 18 China make denial & say virus not human 2 human -not SARS lies March 10 Wuhan worst over? happened 2weeks b4
Jan 24 start of New year Wigan is a travel hub 11 million 5 million travelled via Wuhan. Suppression of facts.
BILL GATES: Ted Connects the virus has a low symptoms range when a carrier is infecting others.. Tests in USA-not started till March tests started in S Korea in February
Seasonality: Will people who live in the Southern Hemisphere face Fall & Winter?
Vaccines 18 months
Hand ourselves into the Scientists hands? Trust Me I'm A Scientist. Clear skies, less pollution. Not so many travelers, less pollution.

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