Sunday, 17 December 2017

From 2014-a Post I didn’t send.

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Freedom Day Jun il Helsien. Floriana via the War Memorial - grand Harbour. Regatta Shield. Birgu Vittoriosa.

Malta : look 4 morse code-how to recognise light flashes in the sea?
St John's Cathedral: St Ohm St via Republic Street - Il Palazz - Cathedral Museum: Archbishop Square - Auberge of Castille - Museum Of Fine Arts: South Street -
Grand Masters Palace

Transfer 2 Airport: 1/4/14 Shuttle Bus-
Ref: F1102117 A2B Transfers /super escapes @ 15:35
Burlington Apartments
Ref: 7571148464

Going with Athena for some scuba today. Only 20 metres. Some grotto that's got lots of anemones & so is fantasy & colour full. Was @ilPalazzo yesterday & met Cesco after 10 years. He gots white hair now. Me too! (A bit) Been to Hagar Qim & Mnajra- ancient temples! Older than The Pyramids! Here she comes. Ciao! Keep'emPeeled.

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